Gathering of the Gargoyles 2003

Gathering of the Gargoyles 2003

In Gargoyles we had an animated series with a dramatic plot, continuing storyline, ethnically diverse cast, and clean gothic style. It received an unprecedented number of episodes and a devoted fan following. It survived two seasons, a revamp and years on the shelf. It has survived thanks to devoted fans who, since 1997 have gathered together to talk, socialize, and work towards getting the series back on the air, and giving it the recognition it deserves.
In the summer of 2003 we ‘gather’ once again. In past Gatherings we’ve traveled to various locations, making many new and interesting friends along the way. 2003 brings us back to the beginning, the place the Gargoyles call home, the place where the Gathering first started. The 7th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles – New York City, New York. Time again to take wing and glide; come join us. Have a great time with fellow fans, meet the people responsible for bringing us the show, and join us to help bring Gargoyles back on the air!


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