Golden Crisp Changes


Okay, did they change the recipe to Post Golden Crisp (formerly Sugar Crisp and formerly Super Sugar Crisp)? It no longer comes in the special tinfoil bag, just plain old translucent plastic, just like mortal cereals, and it seems to have lost a certain zip in the taste. It still affects the way one’s urine smells (in a good way) as it always did, but the bag and the taste have shifted.

I wrote them and asked about both these things, and they didn’t address the packaging question – but they said the recipe hadn’t changed. I suppose the packaging change could have affected the taste, but then you’d think they’d have tested that and wouldn’t have proceeded. I don’t know. I need answers!

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We’re sorry to learn that your were disappointed with our product. According to our records
there hasn’t been a recent formulation change. From what you described, it sounds like you may have purchased a product that wasn’t up to our quality standards.

We regret that you obtained a product that was inconsistent with its usual quality. We’re sending you reimbursement, via first class mail, which you should receive within 7-10 business days.

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Have you recently changed the recipe to Golden Crisp? The packaging has changed from the
tinfoil bag, and the taste just seems less — intense —


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