Inspect the US for WMD

Libby Davies, member of Parliament for the NDP, said that Canadian inspectors should inspect the US for weapons of mass destruction.

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Below is the response of a San Francisco activist. It’s being taken seriously, but I wonder if there’s some oblique sarcasm in the message…
From: Brad Cecil
Subject: inspect the US for weapons of mass destruction
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 16:38:41 -0800

Hello Libby —

I just read that you want to inspect the US for weapons of mass destruction. Great idea!

You are, of course, correct that America is very, very dangerous.

We American would love to see you crusading across America looking for weapons of mass destruction. The only problem is that such weapons can be found in virtually every American household. Don’t you Canucks ever watch COPS? We are heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Heck, my neighbor has enough weapons and ammo to take over a small Latin American country (or perhaps a rural Canadian province)!

In Bush’s State of the Union Tuesday night, I don’t recall him ever stating that America should consult Canada to determine what we should do in Iraq. That is because Canada is largely irrelevant, and YOUR opinion regarding our actions there, Libby, is entirely insignificant. Frankly, the only thing worse than W telling lies to Americans so that he can wage a war he so desperately wants, is some Canadian political hack trying her best to make headlines by making off the wall statements. At best, you rivialize the efforts by REAL policy makers who may be opposed to this war. At worst, you make their efforts much more difficult by associating their opinions to that of a jackass like yourself.

Libby, nobody in the real America gives a damn what you think about us — not even the those of us that are opposed to Bush’s war! Please go back to Vancouver and try to avoid the domain of world dominance and power economics. Rather, stick to the issues that you actually may have a valid opinion on — you know, like whether to put a new traffic light on Main Street, when to have the bake sale to fund the new community curling rink, or how to get the money to repaint the Seabus terminal.

Leave world politics to the big boys, Libby.

Your friend and supremely powerful neighbor —
“Uncle Sam”


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