Just now an RCN salesdroid came to my door. They are one of those companies that wants to sell you one package of Internet, cable, telephone. I’ve been deluged with mailers from them over the last year or so. At the beginning of that period of time, they were coming around to do work on the lines, install their wires or whatever. So today, this dude shows up dressed kinda like a technician, carrying a clipboard on which he’s making notes in little grids. I figure he’s there to do something and he wants access to my property. Fine. He starts talking and pretty soon I realize he’s going to pitch me – I tell I’m not interested and he does the whole “well hold on wait a second”
crap with me. I said I was on the phone and walked away. Nice technique, you think it’s someone with a legitimate need and then you’re stuck in a sales transaction.


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