Mick Jagger poet

Well, the Mick poet keeps sending things to the list, assuming it’s a direct link to Mick. I think he’s frustrated that Mick has not yet responded to his message. Ahem.

My poem is about mick Jagger.
Hare it is:
Please email me back and tell me what you think?
My email is: zz@xx.com

He is strong!!

He fell from the stars,
a broken stone.
Then it started to rain.
Stone were falling from the heavens.
His face was bleeding,
But he was strong!!
Don’t cry in dark places,
The angles will weep. He cried
He saw a different stone,
a stone different from other stones.
He didn’t run,
or smile when she laughed.
When he cried,
he cried Tears of stone.
When he laughed the ground shook.
She through the stone into the waves of a stormy see.
Like a stone, he stood still.
He did not crumble.
He was strong!!
He built,
a glass palace
With glass door and stone walls.
Don’t through stones
With a stone roses in the garden.
And angles in the courtyard,.
He was strong!!
Ride on
This stone will not crumble.
He is strong!!


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