Chapters/Indigo responds. Sorta.

Well, four days later I get this tepid response:

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:29:04 -0500
From: TechSupport@chapters.ca

Dear Steve Portigal,

Thank you for writing.

Apparently there has been some miscommunication regarding the delivery of each of the gift certificates you ordered and I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Our records confirm that each of the four gift certificates were successfully delivered to each of the recipients on the correct requested delivery date – 12/09/01.

The delay occurred in updating our system that marks each of these orders as shipped in your order history which typically takes 24 hours. This in turn affects the “shipping” confirmation email delivery time.

I am sorry for any frustration that this has caused you. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time. Your continued patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for choosing Chapters Indigo Online.
Best regards,
Chapters Indigo Online
Customer Service Team

–Original Message–

On Sunday morning I placed four orders for gift certficates, beginning with order number OR7569244. Gift certificates – all that has to happen is an email is generated to the recipient. No books, no packing, no shipping. Just data!

Nearly 24 hours later, only one of them has been marked “shipped.”

I telephoned your customer support person and she told me that it takes that long to approve the credit card payment. That each order is processed one at a time, and one is not shipped til the previous one is approved.

Please! That is the biggest pack of lies! It does NOT take 24 hours to approve four credit card transactions. Something is terribly jammed up in YOUR system, and frankly is making my gift-giving into a bit of a shambles.

What is wrong? Why has it been 24 hours and only ONE gift certificate has been sent? Please rectify this immediately, and don’t tell me it’s the approval of MY credit card that is taking so long. That’s just not true.


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