End of an era (for me, at least)
Last weekend the local BestBuy had an electronics recycling event. I brought in a bunch of stuff, including my Macintosh IIsi, and Performa 6300. The first one got me through graduate school back in the early 90s. The second was a stopgap computer. And after that I went to the Dark Side – buying first one, and then a second PCs. I have definitely been provoked by those Switch ads that Apple has been showing. But I’m on the PC path for now.

It was wild to turn the machines on and make sure all my stuff was off and somehow preserved. I had to dig out my old Zip100 peripheral, and actually found the floppy and CD, in order to reinstall and back stuff up. Lord knows how I’ll ever the stuff off of the Zip disc and onto my PC – some of it is in old formats (Quark – which I haven’t used in years), there’s some sound files which I don’t think copied properly (isn’t that one of those data fork versus resource fork issues), and I found the long-gone icons for the Simpsons characters that someone created a long long time ago and then was given one of the first cease-and-desist orders that Fox handed out for Simpsons stuff online. I found copies of old letters, speeches, and other stuff.

I hope I can find a way to retrieve it from that media. I haven’t investigated. Any ideas, let me know.


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