Beware Trugreen/Chemlawn
I’ve had them doing a regular lawn treatment for a while. However, once in a while I’ll get a call confirming some scheduled appointment and ensuring the timing is okay. It turns out this is an upsell, but they are very sneaky about revealing this is an extra charge service. I finally complained to the BBB, and to the California dept of consumer affairs (or something). The BBB, a toothless organization if ever there was one, merely forwarded me a printout of the Chemlawn email – that said they don’t do this, they practice good sales, and they’ll take me off their list of calls.

So, today, I get a call wanting to make sure that tomorrow is okay for a specific treatment. We discuss watering and mowing or not mowing before or after. I have no problem with tomorrow (why should I?) and agree. Then they call back and confirm that tomorrow they’ll be coming for a cost of $89. Ahem?

The ridiculously evil sales tactics continue, and they didn’t take me off their list. I am pretty unhappy about this. I’m looking for another provider right now.


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