TAMALA 2010: A Punk Cat in Space

From a review of TAMALA 2010: A Punk Cat in Space

Her journey begins on her birthday, when her ship is forced to land on Planet Q, where the cats are at war with a large and unruly canine population that’s erected a gigantic version of the statue from Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Happy Prince. ” After various adventures — bowling, shoplifting, jumping onstage at a rock concert — Tamala and her new friend, a cat named Michelangelo, encounter a weightlifting police dog who has a kinky relationship with a tiny mouse who bears a striking resemblance to Tamala. Developing an uncontrollable passion for our heroine, the dog pounces on her at a picnic and, to Michelangelo’s horror, gobbles her up. It turns out that Tamala is the unwitting agent of Catty & Co., the conglomerate that dominates Cat Earth but is really a cover for an ancient goddess cult bent on spreading its influence across the universe. Tamala, who dies and is reborn every year, somehow causes the population of Planet Q to begin sharing a dream she repeatedly has about Tatla, a huge robot cat, based on the Maria figure from Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis,” ascending an endless escalator in an industrial cityscape. Meanwhile, Tamala’s image begins to appear in Catty & Co. ads all over Planet Q. And I almost forgot, there’s an old zombie cat, a couple of drag queens and a mysterious mail carrier.


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