Luxury Golf Cart Lawsuit

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General Motors Corp. is charging a Florida company with trademark infringement for copying the body style of its classic cars and trucks on luxury golf carts. The owner of the company, Chad Moore, 31, is named in the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages.
He claims some of the cars aren’t modeled on GM vehicles. The ’49 truck is a Dodge and the ’57 car is a Studebaker President, he said.
‘We wouldn’t want to cause any infringement to GM,’ said Moore, who operates
Moore acknowledged building a Cadillac cart and offering a Monte Carlo, but said they were discontinued because of lackluster demand.
Retrofitting golf carts as fancy trucks or cars — even Hummers — is a growing business.
Moore said the company makes about 40 cart kits a month, which are shipped to dealers and retail for about $3,500 each. Moore has a license from DaimlerChrysler to make Dodge carts.
GM licenses other companies to make carts based on its cars and trucks.



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