The Matrix Reloaded

‘The Matrix Reloaded,’ which has become the highest-grossing movie of 2003 in spite of widespread disappointment among critics and fans alike, tried to extend the first film’s elegant mixing of action and exposition, only to bog down hopelessly in portentousness and obfuscation.
‘Reloaded’ was certainly a lumpy, gaseous treatise of a movie, but viewers of ‘Revolutions’ may find themselves looking back on it fondly. It was at least overstuffed with potentially interesting new characters, plot lines and make-believe metaphysical conundrums. In contrast ‘Revolutions,’ which has a roughly equivalent running time, feels padded. The battle for Zion goes on forever and seems designed to justify the picture’s enormous military hardware budget. There is very little that is tantalizing or suspenseful. The feeling of revelation is gone, and many of the teasing implications of ‘Reloaded’ have been abandoned.

Full review – I think this confirms my feelings that there was no need to see this!


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