Towel Amnesty Day

Holiday Inn has declared today its first Towel Amnesty Day, a chance to forgive guests who have ‘borrowed’ towels.

No, the hotel chain doesn’t want its towels back. It wants the story of why you took the towel and what you’ve done with it.
Mark Snyder, senior vice president of brand management for Holiday Inn, is the first to admit that Towel Amnesty Day is a thinly veiled marketing campaign. ‘It’s about celebrating the brand,’ he says.
Stories have been coming in since the campaign was announced Aug. 18. ‘They are priceless,’ says Snyder, who is considering posting some of them on the hotel chain’s Web site. ‘They are everything from very funny to very touching.’
‘I believe my towel comes from the ’50s. In fact, so long ago I don’t remember how I got it, but I suppose it did follow me home,’ wrote Marcelle Roise of Alamo. ‘It is my dog’s towel, and she is the third generation of dogs to use it.’


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