Here’s an event I won’t be attending:

A new men’s group is forming and the facilitator will be Saul Cohn, M.A. in
Sociology, who is also New Bridges participant. Come and join other Jewish
Men, 30 years of age or older, at their first meeting on Sunday Jan 13th at
6-8 p.m. in Cupertino. They will be discussing men’s issues, specifically
our relationships with other men women including our fathers, friends, sons,
and our male mentors and villians. We will be thinking about issues of male
competitiveness, dominance, and the warrior psyche in general in a relaxed
atmosphere free from the judgments of women(mothers, girlfriends, lovers).
No prior experience in men’s studies is needed only a desire to work on
yourselves, so you can make yourself and other men in the Jewish community
stronger. What better experience than the 30 years of maleness we have
lived? RSVP Saul at 408-xxx-6xx9.

Reminds me that a few weeks ago I went to a demolition sale, and saw their outbuilding, complete with faded posters on the wall from some male encouter session where they assigned themselves their various scores of “Knight” “King” “Jester” and “Goddess” – I’m really curious what particular flavor of male growth that comes from…


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