Experience Music Project

While in Seattle we went to the Experience Music Project.

It was $20 to enter, so we didn’t bother. What a weird building! We took a monorail over there, a 3 minute ride, at least you got to sort of enter the structure on the train in an interesting way, but then you get out to see this gross monstrosity, like some kind of huge scale model of your internal organs for learning purposes. There’s a midway and rides and the Space Needle, and this thing. And it’s $20. So we wandered around uncomfortably, trying to make sense out of things like “SkyChurch” and other weird labels for features of the museum that were just too hard to figure out but you knew they had musical relevance because they were “cool” names. We hit the gift shop which was one of the most depressing things ever. Jimi Hendrix water bottles! Jerry Garcia fuzzy stuffed toys. Gah! The whole thing just was so incredibly sold out, I mean, I guess rock and roll is totally over, I certainly felt it that day.


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