Wells Fargo usability nightmare

I do my banking at Wells Fargo. I use their online account tool to get in and check balances and so on. http://online.wellsfargo.com

We have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. We’ve been paying by mail and I was getting tired of it – it’d be nice to do it automatically, etc. so I checked out the link they point me to on their paper bills. http://www.wellsfargo.com/mortgage.
Under “Your Account” are choices to “Manage Your Account Online” and
“Pay Your Mortgage Bills Online.” I went to the first link, and set up an account. The fact that I have a Wells Fargo account I’m going to pay from offers no advantage. So be it. Interestingly, once you create an account you have to wait a few days for the account to be validated (notified by email) and then after that a couple of days to have your bill tied to your account (notified by email).

Here’s one of those emails:

Dear Steve Portigal,

Welcome! Your online account is now active on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Online Bills. You will receive an email when your bill becomes available online.

You can visit http://www.ebpp.wellsfargo.com/mortgagepay/ to update your personal information, add payment methods, or make other changes to your account.

For questions about Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, please email us at online.customerservice@mortgage.wellsfargo.com and we will respond promptly. Serving you is very important to us, and we appreciate your business.


Home Mortgage Online Bills
Online Service Center

Did you know you can also have instant access to detailed loan information with YourMortgage Online? Please visit www.yourwellsfargomortgage.com and click on ‘First Visit’ to enroll and learn more about this service.

Anyway, I needed to back in and check something, so I tried http://www.yourwellsfargomortgage.com. It seemed different. I couldn’t log in with the userid and password I had remembered, I tried all my backups, etc. Then I did the forgot password/userid thing and came up blank. Finally I sent in a request for help and got back a reminder etc. today. What that gave me was the link to the site I should have been using – turns out that even though I created an online account to pay the mortgage, I didn’t actually have a “YourMortgage” account – that is something different.

How many freakin’ ways are there to log in to their site? One for the banking info, another for paying the mortgage, and another for managing the mortgage? The last two are within one line of each other in the main menu and represent different accounts? And if you try to login from the main menu of the mortgage page, where will that take you?

I honestly expected better. I’ve been trained, as a customer, so I won’t be causing them any more service requests, but jeez, annoyance and unecessary effort all over the place here!


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