We don’t remember new products

As seen on Experience Manifesto
56% of consumers could not recall a single new product launched in 2004 (despite an increase in advertising)
Top 10 new product launches recalled by consumers (without regard for whether or not they liked the product) were: Glad Press’n Seal (26%), Coca-Cola C2 (24%), Clorox ToiletWand (23%), Apple Mini iPo (21%), Swiffer Sweep Vac (21%.), Gillette’s M3Power Razor (20%), Hershey’s Swoops (19%), Oral-B Brush-Ups (18%), Pepsi? Edge (17%) and Febreze Scentstories (16%)

Nothing here about the influence of actually experiencing the product on the ability to recall, one of the points of my FreshMeat on recalling stuff from the year gone by.


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