Was this a break-in attempt?

Was this a break-in attempt?
Late in the afternoon today I was thinking of taking a nap; I lay down for a few minutes. Then the doorbell rang. And of course the dog howls and barks. It’s either the UPS man, or neighborhood kids hawking something for school that we just aren’t interested in. For once, I didn’t bother to answer it.

But then the dog comes back into the bedroom and is really trying to get my attention. He even put his paws on the bed – he NEVER does that. I get up, because I’m now obviously not going to get a nap.

I go with himto the front hall where he wants me to go.

A huge bone is sitting inside the house on the mat…I left the front door unlocked when we came back from the walk.


Could it have been a neighbor? Why on earth would they do that? Why would you open someone’s door? And why would you give their dog a bone?

Or was it someone trying to pacify a dog so they could break in? Ring the doorbell, if there’s a dog, get the bone out and give it to the dog. If the dog chews it and will leave you alone, get to work.

For some reason, our dog didn’t have any interest in the bone, and seemed pretty worked up in fact.

I have no idea what happened – who it was or what they wanted – but I was just in the other end of the house while someone opened our front door, it’s pretty creepy.

I’d be curious if this is a known break in approach. Or a neighborhood prank? Or someone with strange good intentions?

The bone was big and ugly and weathered; not at all appealing to the dog.



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