This Week @ Portigal

In the US, it’s Tax Day. Happy, er um, whatever…

  • If you run a small business, depending on how it’s structured, it can be a very different tax process. Personally, I don’t receive a salary, so I don’t pay income tax every two weeks. That means my income tax is calculated annually and paid in advance, in quarterly payments. Those are usually some significant-sized checks to be throwing down. It’s further complicated by each year’s actual income determining next year’s estimations but because things fluctuate (the economy, the size of the staff, etc.) then those estimates can be way off. Good times!
  • I’m off to Baltimore early tomorrow morning. I’m part of an event for the McCormick Design Advisory Panel, intended to spark some conversation – and planning – about how design and insights can drive innovation. I’m looking forward to hearing the team talk about their challenges and how they can address them.
  • I’ve received first drafts of two new War Stories. Look for those later this week.
  • Ten years gone: From April 2003 – The Life Cycle of a Wash Rag, Obituary: Anita Borg.
  • What we’re consuming: Jason Becker, La Strada, Stairways of San Francisco, The Urges.


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