This Week @ Portigal


  • I’m about to get on a plane to San Diego where I’ll be leading a full-day workshop on planning user research, interview techniques, and synthesizing data into new opportunities. I’ve worked with many of these folks before so I’m looking forward to seeing them all again.
  • The book is at the printer! It should be available in about three weeks! You can sign up for notification here.
  • Despite (or maybe because of) my low expectations, last week we had another new War Story, from Kavita Appachu. More are coming, but who can say when?
  • More networking meetups this week. It’s always great to connect with real people that I only know from the Internet!
  • Ten years gone: From April 2003 – Hey is a bad word, Patti Smith, urine games, Hindi casting call.
  • What we’re consuming: The Clock, dextromethorphan, Craft & Commerce.


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