This Week @ Portigal

It’s almost the ides of January! It’s c-c-c-old and we’re thinking about what’s ahead for us this week.

  • We’ve got foamcores full of sticky notes from last week’s client workshop. Now we’ve got a few more interviews to review and then we’re going to start putting together our big themes and getting them written up for an upcoming presentation.
  • I’m putting together a talk for a Silicon Valley firm’s UX retreat. Much of the material is new for me so right now I’m outline mode, trying to organize thoughts, examples, and points of view.
  • Last week we published five War Stories (Daria, Prasad, Jen, Ryan, and Valerie) and this week already we’ve got one from Rachel. We’ll have one tomorrow for sure, and we’ll see what the rest of the week brings. Interested? Let us know your story!
  • In the community this week is the QRCA local chapter meeting. Beth will be there. Will you?
  • Ten years gone: From January 2003 – Infiltration, music industry upside
  • What we’re consuming: The Staircase, banchan, Django Unchained.


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