This Week @ Portigal

Welcome to a new week!

  • It’s fascinating and challenging at the outset of a project as there’s sometimes more enthusiasm than momentum, and many parallel pieces to get rolling that move by inches instead of miles. At the bullet-point level, we’re in much the same place as we were last week except we realize we need to push our fieldwork til after Thanksgiving so we can have time to get fully immersed in the topics and build a great fieldwork method.
  • I’m expecting to see publication of one, if not two, of the articles I’ve been working on lately.
  • Last week we published Apala’s War Story. I think a few other people are close; I saw some outlines last week and am excited about what those will turn into.
  • Ten years gone: From November 2002 – Fresh Meat at the American Girl Store
  • What we’re consuming: Strangers podcast, Cartems Donuterie, Letterpress


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