This Week @ Portigal

Here’s what’s going on for the team this week

  • Wanna work with us? We’re hiring!
  • New project! As soon as we wrap one project, we’re off to the races with another one. This is a super quick effort, and so today we’re on site with our client team, trying to get a handle on what they know, what they’re trying to do, and what they’ll need to know to do that. Throw in a mess of logistics and you’ve got a kickoff meeting!
  • We’re collaborating with a new prospective client, doing longer-term project planning for a larger endeavor we’re all hoping to launch soon.
  • Tamara is digging into the planning of her CPSI workshop and Steve is working with Kelly Goto to plan their WebVisions workshop.
  • 10 Years Gone: On ChittahChattah, ten years ago this month, a cookie recipe and an improv milestone.
  • What we’re consuming: The Cult, manchego, painting, Draw Something.


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