I had never heard of this before, but had a neat experience in SF tonite. Rice ball in a boiled peanut sugary “soup.” The lady tried to talk me out of ordering it, thinking I was some white guy who wanted the trendy tapioca drink, she kept saying this is something different and you haven’t had it before and I kept explaining that if that was the case, then I really definitely wanted to try it. I think that won her over because she warned me several times how hot it was and explained how Japanese people liked the red bean version but the Taiwanese people liked the peanut version.

It was neat, but it wasn’t great. I was really in the mood for one of those sesame balls you see at Dim Sum places. Next time, I guess.

It is a Chinese tradition to eat Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Ball) to welcome the Winter Season. It signifies the end of a good harvest and the beginning of the resting period because it is too cold for the farmers to tend the fields.
Tangyuan is also served on all auspicious occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary or an official opening as it symbolized Tuanyuan (reunion) and Yuanmun (perfect).
Chinatown Frozen Tangyuan is delicious. It is an ideal after meal dessert or snack and perfect for anytime, anywhere. It is hygienically prepared under stringent quality control using the best natural ingredients. The dough is fine, thin and smooth. It is the best Tangyuan that any manufacturer can offer. Five varieties are available – Peanut with White Sesame seed, Red Bean, Black Sesame, Green Bean and Yam.
It is very simple to serve the Tangyuan, It can be boiled and eaten as it is or served with ginko seed, peanut soup, red bean soup or rock sugar soup, It can also be boiled and served with a coating of grated peanut or grated pistachio nuts. It can also be coated with white sesame seed and deep fried.


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