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New storytelling workshop in partnership with Inzovu

Over the past while I’ve been working with Jason Ulaszek of Inzovu to deliver a storytelling workshop to clients. After a number of successful experiences, we’re making it more widely available. Check out details at the Inzovu site, highlights below.

Storytelling is an essential human skill for any team. It drives connections, influences decisions, and inspires empathy. Discover how powerful storytelling can unleash your team’s potential.

Integrate Storytelling Into Your Team’s Practice

In innovative and creative practices, the ability to tell a compelling story is just as crucial as doing the work itself. While good teams focus on delivering high-quality work, great teams go beyond and wrap the delivery of their work into stories. A team’s ability to tell well-crafted stories is a critical factor in influencing their success and achieving the outcomes they seek.

That’s where our storytelling workshops come in.

Benefit’s You’ll Get
Our storytelling workshops are designed to empower your team by enhancing their storytelling prowess.

Your team members will supercharge their ability to:

  • Share stories of your customer’s experience, help build empathy, and influence decision-making
  • Create a shared understanding for the vision or roadmap of your product or service
  • Engage your audience by demonstrating your understanding of their unmet need or the values and benefits of your product or service
  • Ignite a passion within your organization for what’s possible

This workshop is valuable for a range of roles and functions within growing product and service organizations including User Experience (UX) Design, Product Management, Marketing, and Innovation teams.

What To Expect
Depending on the format and your organization’s goals, you’ll:

  • Practice, receive feedback, and improve your storytelling skills
  • Prototype and iterate a story in a creative and collaborative environment
  • Understand how to apply storytelling to organizational and team challenges (e.g., build a compelling narrative about user research insights, or explain a team’s function to the rest of the company)
    Advocate for storytelling as a force for cultural change
  • Be able to choose between different storytelling formats that best suit the material, audience, and your own strengths

And, we’ll have fun together while learning a crucial skill.

Formats To Suit Every Need
No matter your industry or your type of team, our workshops are designed to enhance storytelling skills–whether that’s a series of short sessions, an in-person all-day workshop, or a multi-day activity.

  • Virtual: A series of short sessions across three weeks, with individual and group assignments between virtual meetings. For virtual workshops, we typically meet once a week.
  • In-person, one-day session: A one-day, in-person workshop where we will group participants throughout the day, explore storytelling formats together, and deliver a story at the end of the day.
  • Custom story building: A custom workshop for your specific scenario that builds off our storytelling basics. Custom story building could be a one-day event or a multi-day activity depending on your needs.


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