Really Bad Salesman

From a small business mailing list I’m on, a funny (because it’s not me) story of terrible phone solicitation:

Well today, I have to warn you about the lousy service I got from AOL
Yellowpages. This morning I got a customer service call
in which the seller was trying to get me to purchase advertising for
AOL Yellowpages.

He went on an on about how much he knew about my business then
proceeded to ask me who I was, and what I do.

When I asked him about the success rate to ensure that I was not
spending more than what I was receiving in sales- he said he could
not give out financial information – nor did he even know his
client’s success rate in percentages! Furthermore, he was appalled
that I should even ask him at all, and said “You know, sometimes you
just lose money” What kind of answer is that?!

When pricing information about my area – I told him that I was in San
Francisco. He proceeded to give me pricing for Fremont and said he
didn’t know how to give me pricing for SF, because his computer
information said I was in Fremont.

I politely told him “i need some time to think about this, please
call back next quarter”. He then said “No go – can’t do that”

Finally, when I said “well, thank you for your time then.”
He hung up on me.


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