Ofoto Terms of Service

I just got a warning that Ofoto would delete all my photos in October if I don’t make a purchase. I’ve had pictures up there for years, and never encountered this (although I think they did lose some of my pictures in a crash at some point. I read their Terms of Service that reads in part:

22. Storage Policy. Ofoto provides free online storage of images to its members for an initial period of 12 months from the date you first upload an image to your Ofoto account. To maintain free storage, you need to make a purchase from Ofoto at least once every 12 months The 12 month period will restart with each purchase. If you do not purchase any product or service from Ofoto for a period of 12 months Ofoto may delete the images stored in your account. In addition, if your account becomes inactive for a period of 60 months, Ofoto may, at its option, terminate access to the account altogether including deletion of any account information held by Ofoto%. Ofoto may change this policy at any time, upon reasonable notice to you.

It is reasonable, but it’s a bummer, and of course I’ve never been notified, that I’m aware, of any of the changes to the policy.

Guess I’ll be ordering something as a way to “pay” for the use of their storage.


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