Micorosoft Updates – we have the power?

Maybe this is an SP2 issue, but my XP system just got auto-updated, and the downloading-update icon in the system tray no longer had the “pause” feature. The update took over my system while I was trying to do something, spun everything pretty hard, and I couldn’t stop it. Bad Microsoft.

What’s messed up beyond that is that went to 37% or something and then disappeared. No update dialog, nothing. So wha’ happa?

Update: in fact, what the damn thing was downloading was SP2. It took several attempts for the download to complete, and then it installed SP2. I had checked the Microsoft updates page a few times, being told I didn’t need any more updates, so I assumed I had already DONE SP2, so this was a surprise. Everything is working okay, but Microsoft definitely pisses me off. After the update, they’ve put Windows Media Player in my quick-launch toolbar at the bottom (or whatever it’s called) – I didn’t ask for that, so why do they need to do it? Despite confirming my auto-update settings (download the updates, but don’t install them until I say it’s okay) before completing the SP2 install, they reset them to something different after completing the install, and the fact that I have a separate virus checker seems to crash the special program that launches right after you do the first reboot. We’ll see what happens, but they just annoy me – what can I say.


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