Listen to Steve on the Greenbook podcast

I was on the Greenbook podcast recently, in a episode titled Beyond the Surface: Navigating the Depths of User Research with Steve Portigal.

Check out our 40-minute discussion on the episode page (and on Spotify, Apple, and Google) and embedded below in two different formats.


There’s this interesting part of research where it’s collaborative and facilitative…I can do a better job if I can help them learn something and take something away. But, if I hear what they’re taking away, especially [as] I’m not the domain expert. I work as a consultant, so I come into an area that somebody else inhabits. And so they’re going to always see things in the research that I won’t see. It’s really helpful for me to understand what didn’t they hear that person say. Like, if there’s a gap in what they took away, then I now know I need to kind of emphasize that because there’s a takeaway that’s obvious to me that isn’t to them. So I can get that out a debrief. And, when I hear what they heard and what surprises them, I understand, yeah, how they’re framing the world, what’s relevant information. I’m getting this indirect feedback.


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