GVO alum dies?

The latest newsletter from the IDSA has an obituary as follows:

Ron Guttenberg, one-time IDSA member, dided May 20, 2004. In 1991, he retired as the corporate design consultant for Sears, Robebuck and Co. in Chicago. Prior to that, he worked for GVO, Inc. in Palo Alto, CA, as well as a number of firms in Chicago…

I worked at GVO from 1995 on. I don’t think I ever heard of Ron, but GVO was founded in 1966, so that’s 20 years of history I have no clue about. If he RETIRED in ’91 from his job post-GVO, he could have left GVO anytime. 1970? 1980? Who knows.

Anyway, the information people have shared for distribution about their post-GVO employment can be found here at my GVO Alumni page.


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