Get up, stand up

As part of the improv group I was involved in a couple of years ago, we would do the occasional standup night. Standup has very little in common with improv – there is performance and humor, but the fundamental approaches of being in the moment versus being scripted are very much at odds. However, your fellow performers (and their friends and families) make for a very support environment to try something new.

I’ve uploaded some videos of myself doing some short routines from a couple of years ago.

Steve Portigal - standup 2002

Steve Portigal - standup 2003

Notes: 2002 video has choppy audio, it settles down but it never gets perfect. And yes, there’s a lot of long hair to be seen. 2003 video starts off about a minute into the routine.

There’s definitely riffs in those clips that have appeared on this blog, or in FreshMeat. Why not repurpose pithy observations?


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