Hussein Translator Used Fake Accent

If this doesn’t turn your stomach, jeez….what will?
Hussein Translator on CBS Used Fake Accent

The man who spoke Saddam Hussein’s words in English during a CBS interview with Dan Rather late last month was an actor using a fake Arabic accent, the Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday. The paper said Steve Winfield is a member of the Screen Actors Guild who bills himself on a Web site called “Fabulous Voices” as an expert in putting on foreign accents. CBS said the network vouched 100 percent for the accuracy of its translation which was read on air in English in a voice compatible “with the piece. In a statement the network said, “CBS News employed three independent and respected Arabic translators to provide a 100 percent accurate translation of the interview.” The network added that a fourth person recorded the actual audio in a voice compatible “with the piece.”


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