World’s Worst Farmer

Since 1987 Lewis Baumgartner AKA, the World’s Worst Farmer has traveled the circuit entertaining at meetings and conventions all over the US and much of Canada. His self deprecating humor and his hilarious tales of predicaments encountered on his beloved farm, “Ragweed Ranch” have been a hit with audiences all over the country! His main audiences have been farm or farm related groups but he has also had success with non-farm groups as well. His program usually runs about 35 -40 minutes and is guaranteed clean, he does not tell dirty jokes or use offensive language! Lewis says, ” When people ask me if my program is clean I tell them, Yes, I could do it for a room full of preachers. After almost every performance someone will tell me how they appreciate the fact that my program was clean and funny!”
The World’s Worst Farmer program is mostly humor but it does have its serious side as Lewis relates the poignant story of Old Bill. Old Bill is an original poem by Lewis Baumgartner about a neighbor that was looked up to by the author as a small boy, but was more or less forgotten when the boy became a man. Many in the audience recall their own ‘Old Bill’ and can relate to the regrets of, “THE THINGS I FAILED TO SAY.” Lewis says, “This poem hits pretty close to home with lots of folks and I can almost bet that after every show, someone is going to tell me about their own ‘Old Bill’. I appreciate this response and knowing I’ve touched someone makes me feel as though in some small way I’m saying a belated thank you to my, Old Bill.”


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