Recent films

Talk to Her
Almodovar’s latest. Didn’t move me as much as “All About My Mother” but it was VERY satisfying, interesting, unclear as to where it would head next, always engaging, yet took its time to get to where it wanted to go.

Rabbit-Proof Fence
Terrible and true story about the Australian government removing the children of aborgine and white parents, and several little girls who decided to walk home. Incredible non-verbal acting by the cast, most of whom I would guess have little prior actiing experience. Powerful and captivating.
Catch Me If You Can
I enjoyed this, but it did not live up to its hype, it was a fun sort of romp, but the cheap psychological explanations (di Caprio (who we always see as Leo, not his character) did all this to help his dad get his mom back) rang very false and simplistic. Weird to see Hanks playing a role that looked and sounded like Dan Akroyd in Dragnet, which also starred a young and smirking Tom Hanks.

Very enjoyable, but minorly disappointing. It takes a lot of energy to consume so much post-modernism in one sitting!


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