I’m being hounded by SBC PacBell people – they are phoning at least once a day now. Wanting to offer me a new calling plan that will save money. I got rid of a few of them, who just kept on going and going, finally I gave in when a nice woman called, and acted like a human being. We went through the whole thing and she offered me a deal I’d be an idiot to refuse. When she went to close the deal, her computer messed up, she put me on hold and then dropped the call. So I wasted five minutes on that.

Since then, the calls have increased – I must have moved up on their sucker list. I just keep saying “no” because I just don’t have time for this crap. So, today, a dude calls and takes about 30 seconds to say “uhhhh Hello” in a manner that would make Beavis and Butthead seem like classic orators. He said that the call may be recorded for quality and training purposes – is this all right sir?

I said “no.” (hell, I’ve never been given the chance to respond to that before)

And he said “uhh, sir, I understand, but I see from your bill that….”

So, they have no power to deal with that – and despite any sort of privacy issues, they are expected to keep the sales pressure on? It was disgusting. I interrupted and indicated I did not wish to be recorded, and he kept trying to go back to the sales pitch “Yes, sir, but your calling plan…”

Finally I just ripped into him for being blah blah and yadda yadda and hung up.

So far, I’ve received one hang-up call since then.


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