My screamy neighboy

There’s a screamy girl who lives nearby – probably not a directly adjacent neighbor, but one besides that. She’s home all day, all the time, and she screams. She goes outside and screams. Not a shout of “AUUUUGHHH!” or “ARRGGHHH!” or even the familiar scream in reaction to something of “AIIIIIEEEEEE!” — this is a straight, barking, shriek “EEEEEEEE!”

It is constant. Every day. Sometimes there is a barrage of “EEEE! EEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE! EEEEE! EEEEEEEEE!” that may continue for a few minutes. Sometimes it’s just one every few minutes. There is never any change of emotion, inflection, and typically even duration. There are no other noises, no noises of other people, no other noises from her, or anything. There’s no real fear in the scream, it’s a mixture of excitement and self-expression.

I suspect that this shriek is the only noise she is capable of making, and I imagine her to be about 10-years old, sent outside to play by herself much of the time, with great pleasure coming from whatever captures her flitting imagination. As sweet as that may be, it’s freaking annoying and puzzling to me! For the love of God, stop screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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