I was compelled somewhat by MCI’s recent promotion for The Neighborhood – the brand was kinda cool, and then the all-inclusive aspect of it was really neat – one price for caller-ID, call-waiting, local, toll, voice mail, etc. All inclusive, all features, one provider. and – it would allow me to get away from those incompetent over-charging bastards at AT&T (hint: don’t ever use your calling card internationally, it’s like $10/minute). And then nothing. Weeks go by. I send email asking for information about when my account will be created and I get a blurb back telling me to log on and enter my account number.

Anyway, today a letter comes “We have been trying to reach you with important information about your MCI Local Service account. Unfortunately, we have been unable to contact you by phone.”

What a crock – they never called me. They have been unable because they can’t get around to making a phone call – so they send a letter with NO information in it except that I have to call them. I do, and of course, get transferred here, there and, everywhere, put on hold, until they tell me that I can’t get MCI local, if I have DSL. Okay, whatever. Nice to find this out so late in the game. And, of course, they suggest that I disconnect my DSL in order to get MCI. Umm, right.


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