Ronnie Wood solicitation

Got this today, in reference to the Rolling Stones website/mailing list I have run since 1992. It’s been a while since I’ve got one of these, but I’ve had every type of conversation with every time of Stones-community profiteer over the years, from the guy with exclusive rights to package tour deals, to this. Whoo hoo, they are offering me the chance to link to their site! OH MY GOD, this is fantastic news!

Subject: Ronnie Wood’s Art agents


I’m a partner in the agency that represents the creative/Art career of Ronnie Wood. Being that you operate a very significant information source for Rolling Stones Fans (and Wood fans alike) I felt that it was very important that we get to know each other.

As you may know after 15 years of showing his art in a few galleries, Ronnie Wood sought the professional representation of our agency Limelight Agency. Over the past two year under our management Ronnie has become the number one celebrity artist in the world. Achieving record sales and a following of serious collectors only rivaled by artiest like Peter Max. Much of this resent success has come from the parallel tour of his art with the recent Rolling Stones tour.

With the on going tour coming back to the United States and most likely south America. We will be continuing the pace of world class art openings/events at some of the worlds biggest art galleries. If you are interested I would very much like to help keep your sites members/visitors informed about the ongoing events.

To do this I propose. 1, we maintain an on going conversation 2, a direct link from your site to ours. Our site ( ) has been designed to be the definitive information source for Ronnie Woody’s art career. Featuring a comprehensive catalog of every work that has ever been published, Art biography, Articles on him and his art Career, Photos from Gallery openings, a gallery opening calendar, and much more.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon. And many more contacts to follow.

All the very best.

Danny Stern

Limelight Agency

415 648 1967

601 Burnett Ave. Ste. 1,
San Francisco, CA 94131

5458 Wilshire Blvd, h
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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