Services and Expertise

Strategic Planning

I can help you articulate a vision for evolving and growing your business, and develop a roadmap to get you there.

  • A long-standing institutional library, acknowledging sweeping changes in technology, was crafting a plan for their future. They hired me to ensure their vision reflected an understanding of the changes in how their users will be working and studying.
  • Because of numerous acquisitions, a rapidly expanding software company was grappling with inconsistent use of their design team. I brought together leaders from engineering, program management and user experience to improve how they collaborate throughout the design process

The Player-coach

I embed with your team, giving you ongoing access to my senior-level expertise.

  • An in-house design team was preparing for a visit from overseas management. To help them align their priorities, I created an agenda for a workshop, helped gather insights about their design efforts, and led a part of the workshop that focused on observing shoppers at retail. The team was able to confidently articulate their design vision to management.
  • An overworked leader had no time for her user research team. I stepped in as acting director and lead the team through a research project, guided them in planning, conducting, analyzing and communicating their research, and helped them understand and address concerns from stakeholders. The team outlined tactical next steps for a new software platform, along with unmet strategic opportunities.

User Research

I work with leaders to uncover new insights about people to inform strategy, product development, services, and innovation.

  • A financial institution identified a new type of small business customer they wanted to serve. Interviewing these customers revealed key differences around their goals and motivations. This new segmentation helped the company focus their product and service development to address the specific needs of these different types of customers.
  • A consumer electronics company prototyped a futuristic device with cutting-edge features. By talking to people about not only the functionality but how they thought they might use it in their homes, I uncovered a set of value propositions that helped focus product development efforts on what people would find beneficial.

Training and Development

I work with executives and team members to level up user research skills, foster culture change, activate creativity, and optimize design and innovation processes.

  • An enterprise software company brought me in to teach best practices for learning from customers. By bringing product managers, designers, and researchers together to think about their users, they learned to effectively bring research insights into their products.
  • I trained a globally distributed team of technologists and compliance managers, preparing them to uncover their users’ workflow needs ahead of a major software redesign.