BNMI’s Creative Canux – Field Research Presentation by Steve Portigal

Robert Scales was blogging the CanUX conference. His page about my presentation is here, without a lot of detail, and with some corners seriously cut.

Some of the research items Steve included in his presentation included:

* mprovements to existing products and services
* ideas for new products and features
* new applications for existing technologies
* specific implications for design

I’m not sure what a research item is but that is text (badly copied-and-pasted) from my website, not particularly relevant to the talk. He suggests looking at my site for more info, but his link to my site appears to be broken.

It’s nice to have someone write about your presentation, but this just seems shoddy. And I wouldn’t take notice of it, except that Robert was at the conference to promote his own event at the Banff centre later this year, about blogging! Ironic!


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