Under My Thumb

Today Jon of Jon’s Hauling came by to haul away (no guff) some concrete that I had hacked up in the backyard. I chatted with him a bit when he showed up. I was regaled with his story of the loss of the tip of his right index finger. He explained just what mechanism he got it it caught in. He pointed out that despite having broken arms and sustained various other injuries in the past, this was the one that really hurt. “Lotta nerve endings in the finger tip.” he explained, laughing. He continued the story and revealed that upon his return to the job site, he found his glove still hanging in the metal fixture that had severed his finger tip. He cut the end off and removed what was in there. He showed me his good finger and said “what was in there looked just like this [as he pointed to the last joint with the nail] only flat as a pancake!” Jon was still laughing at this point. He laughed hardest when he told me how he put the demi-digit in a plastic bag and left it swinging in the offending mechanism for the rest of the work day.


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